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  • Locations: Prato, Italy
  • Program Terms: Winter
  • Homepage: Click to visit
  • Restrictions: Monash applicants only
Dates / Deadlines:

Semester Exchange applicants: For more information and to apply, scroll down to the Program Description and click the 'Ready to apply?' button.

All other programs: There are currently no active application cycles.

Program Description:

Corporate social responsibility and business ethics

Winter - Prato, Italy

Study and travel in Italy during the European Summer

Monash University Prato Centre
Photograph by Righi Sas of Alesandro Moggi & C


Do corporations have any responsibilities beyond profit maximisation? To what extent should business activities be left to the operation of the free market and to what extent should they be regulated through internal and external mechanisms? This unit examines the theoretical foundations of the different answers that have been given to these two fundamental questions. More specifically it examines the topics of ethical issues in marketing and advertising, climate change and environmental protection regulation and corporate governance, human resource management and social accounting.

The learning goals associated with this unit are to:
  • Identify important ethical issues that arise in various business contexts
  • Explain the implications of adopting different approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of different mechanisms for regulating business behaviour
  • Apply different approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility and different approaches to regulation to issues specific to marketing, HRM, environment and social accounting.

Enhance your educational experience
  • This experiential learning unit gives you the opportunity to progress your degree while combining studies with travel in Europe.
  • The unit will be offered in intensive block mode at the Monash University Prato campus during the mid-year vacation (25th June- 13 th July 2018 intensive mode).
  • This unit is available to local or international undergraduate students studying at Monash University or any Australian university by arrangement with your home university.

Application requirement - personal statement

You will be required to submit a personal statement as part of your application. Write a brief personal statement (no more than 100 words) outlining the following:
  • Why would you like to undertake this program
  • What inspired you to apply for this program
  • What would you like to learn from this program

  • Minimum WAM of 60%
  • Completion of 72 credit points
  • Consideration of your personal statement (see above)

Where is Prato?

The Monash Prato Centre is located in the picturesque and historic town of Prato, in the heart of Tuscany, close to the cosmopolitan cities of Florence, Bologna and Milan. Studying in this beautiful little town gives you the opportunity to explore Italy and its culture.


If you are planning to participate you will need to consider the following to assist you with budgeting for your trip:
  • Return Flight to Prato approximately $2,800 depending on day and date of departure.  STA and Flight centre usually have some discounted fares.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you book a flight and get to the destination in order to commence class by the starting date.
  • Accommodation costs:
    • multi share commencing from approximately €30-€50 a day is basic shared accommodation.
    • If you want to stay in a Hotel with a private room please see the costs for the period.
  • Accommodation location:
    •  Please check the location of accommodation you are booking and its proximity to the Historical centre to facilitate your arrival by the commencement of class.
  • Accommodation booking:  Book early as June and July are peak season in Italy.
  • Travelling costs when in Italy
    • If you wish to visit Florence, it will cost approximately €10 for return ticket on Trenitalia and it takes about 20 minutes to get to Florence from Prato.
    • Intercity travel - the cost depends on which part of Italy you are visiting, e.g. to Rome approximately  €100 on the Frecciarossa
  • Food and Drink can vary greatly depending if you wish to eat in expensive restaurants, you can get a good meal for about €10 to €15 and some places give a Monash discount in the historic centre.
  • Program costs:
    • While studying overseas you'll receive credit towards your Monash degree.
    • If you are a Commonwealth sponsored student the unit costs are added to your HECS. The costs are at the same rate as your current unit fees.
    • For International students, the cost will be at the same rate as your current unit fees. 
  • Please see the following information regarding OS-HELP loans and other financial assistance
  • You receive a $500 travel grant once your application is approved and free travel insurance for the period you are studying in Prato.
  • The travel grant and o/s loan will be paid about 3 weeks before departure. Please read the PDS on the university student travel insurance site, as some pre-existing conditions, exclusions of items and extra travel may not be covered.  Please note for any pre-existing condition, the university travel insurance office must be notified and doctor’s clearance must be obtained.


You must have a valid Passport that does not expire until six months after the date of departure.  If you do not have a valid passport please organise now!   

 Visa information for international students

International students and anyone travelling on a non EU or non-Australian passport will be required to organise a visa for Italy and any other country you may wish to travel to.  You will need to check on visa requirements for re-entry into Australia. Please make an appointment with the Italian embassy to arrange your visa early. You will be required to:
  • Present a letter from Monash Abroad to the embassy. Please contact so that we can arrange for a letter for you as soon as you have a date for an appointment.  Ensure that you have your full travel itinerary and accommodation details before you make an appointment. It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct type of visa is issued for your itinerary. 
  • Proof of insurance cover  
  • Proof of means of support. 
  • Visit for more information

Travel insurance

Travel Insurance that is independent from the university insurance and depending on risk factor with your health usually starts from $180 upwards.  If you shop around you can usually get some good deals through your private health insurer.  Please note if you have a pre-existing condition you are obliged to disclose the information to the Monash Business School and university insurer and obtain clearance from your doctor or specialist for travel.

Timetable details
Date Time  Location
May TBA 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Pre-departure Session
Monday 25 June Orientation Session 9:00 AM 
Class 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Tuesday 26 June 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM Prato
Wednesday 27 June 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM Prato
Monday 2 July 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM Prato
Tuesday 3 July 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM Prato
Wednesday 4 July 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM Prato
Monday 9 July 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM Prato
Tuesday 10 July 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM Prato
Friday 13 July
Optional final exam
TBA Prato
Final exam
TBA Melbourne